The Blessing & Graces of Eucharistic Adoration

It has been a wonderful sign to me of the spiritual health of our parish to see how many of you visit Our Lady of Grace Adoration Chapel, accessed through the door on the right rear side of the church. Since its founding by our former pastor Fr. George Harrison countless people have experienced the graces that come from Eucharistic Adoration. I know that, for years before I was assigned here, I would often stop by for a visit after a meeting at the chancery down the street.

Eucharistic Adoration is a source of great graces because it is an encounter with God Himself. It is our faith that, when the priest says the words of consecration at Mass (This is My Body, This is My Blood), through the power of Christ at work through him, the bread and wine are transformed into Christ's Body & Blood, Soul & Divinity. While the outward appearances of bread and wine remain the same, the actual reality, or substance, of the matter is changed into the living presence of Jesus Christ.

We know that God is present everywhere, yet through the Holy Eucharist (the consecrated Body and Blood of Christ under the outer appearance of bread and wine), His presence is made tangible. When the priest elevates the Host and Chalice after consecration we gaze on the same Lord Who was once crucified for our salvation. In Adoration, this encounter is prolonged as we pray before a consecrated Host. Jesus is truly present before us: to be with us, to strengthen us with His grace, to comfort us in any hurts or sorrows we carry with us.

As our parish continues to build back up after Covid I would like to meet to discuss the future of our adoration chapel, including the possibility of having it open on Saturdays as well as later in the evening on weekdays. We will only be able to do this if enough people step forward to commit to spending an hour of their time with the Lord, to ensure that someone is always present during Adoration.

To this end, I would like to invite everyone interested in being a part of supporting our Adoration Chapel to a meeting at 7 p.m. this Monday, September 13th, in the parish center at our parish school. This will give us a chance to gather and decide how best to continue to offer the grace of Adoration to our community. Whether or not you have been a part of it in the past, hope you will make the effort to attend this meeting!