First of all, I want to thank all of you who cooperated so wonderfully during this past year of praising and thanking God, especially at Mass. By now you have probably heard that the restrictions under which we have been worshiping have, for the most part, been lifted. Those are listed in the letter sent to us by the Bishop's Office and in my cover letter which accompanies it. I would point out the following: Those fully vaccinated no longer have to wear masks (you may wear one if you wish). Those not fully vaccinated are advised to wear one for the common good. We will return to the former way of receiving Our Lord in Holy Communion. You no longer have to "check in" at the front door. All entrances and exists will be open. Please continue to use "COMMON SENSE".

THANK YOU AGAIN to all who have supported us financially during this year. It has not been easy and your love of God, shown through your generosity, is greatly appreciated.

LET US CONTINUE TO PRAY for our brothers and sisters who have not yet returned to the celebration of Mass here at Church. Let's hope many more will be coming to Mass in thanksgiving for all the strength given to us by the Lord during this long pandemic.

PLEASE PRAY for Deacon Peter Scheffer, Jr., who will be ordained a Priest by Bishop da Cunha next Saturday, June 5, at 11:00 a.m. at St. Mary's Cathedral, Fall River. Please pray for Deacon Scheffer as he prepares to receive this beautiful Sacrament and serve God in our Diocese of Fall River.

CONGRATULATIONS to our parishioners who are graduating from High School during these days. As a parish we wish you all the best in whatever path God wants you to follow. May you have the strength to use the gifts and talents given to you by God to Follow the path He chooses for you.

CONGRATULATIONS to our parishioners  who  are receiving their College Associates, Bachelor, or Doctorate Degrees during these days. We pray your future endeavors may be Blessed by God and be done for  His  honor  and glory.

GOOD NEWS: We have resumed the praying of the Chaplet of Diving Mercy in Church. Each Wednesday all are invited to gather in Church at 3:00 p.m. Please consider joining in this prayer that God's Divine Mercy be with all of us during these most challenging days.