It is wonderful to see more and more people returning to church for the celebration of Mass. We have returned to the practice of receiving the Sacred Body and Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ in Holy Communion at the regular time of the Mass. After you receive Holy Communion we ask you to return to your pews and remain for the final prayer and blessing. At the conclusion of Mass, the Priest Celebrant will process out down the center aisle. People may exit at either side door or the front door. AGAIN, WE ASK EVERYONE TO MAINTAIN SOCIAL DISTANCING AND AVOID GATHERING  IN  LARGE  GROUPS  ONCE  YOU  LEAVE CHURCH. Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.

      "HUNGERING  FOR  THE  HOLY  EUCHARIST"     Pleasepray for the many people in our parish who have not received Holy Communion for at least a year. It has to be a terrible suffering for Catholics not to be able to receive Holy Communion. Please pray that conditions will soon be right for all who desire Holy Communion to be able to return to 'in person' participation of the celebration of Mass. Although watching Mass on TV or a Social Media has been helpful, it can never replace being able to receive the Sacred Body  and  Bl                                                        arist  (HolyCommunion).